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The Best Forklift Certification Online

We cover all OSHA forklift inspection requirements, violations, and how to train your operators on forklift theory and safety practices, meeting each and every standard that OSHA has set.

Our Trainings

After purchasing, you will be immediately directed to start your OSHA forklift certification online course. Each course is broken down into modules and will automatically save your progress should you need to step away. 

As soon as you purchase, you are free to complete the course at your convenience. Our online classes take approximately 90-120 minutes to complete; however, they are self-paced. Upon completing the included OSHA compliant forklift certification test with a passing score as well as the practical checklist you will be given access to your forklift certificate and wallet card to save and print.

Forklift jobs with training are hard to get. Get a step ahead of the competition by completing your forklift theory test ahead of time. This way you can bring the forklift practical test marking sheet with you to the interview and be ready to prove your skills as well as genuine interest in the job.

Forklift Certification Card

A forklift certification card is included with each of our trainings regardless of whether you purchase a training presentation, online course, or trainer course.  A card and certificate template is included with the presentation training kits

For online courses, cards and certificates are created electronically and can be accessed only after the operator or trainer course exams are passed.

The card itself is meant to be carried by any person who operates a forklift and must be valid. Being valid means that the person has been certified or recertified within the last three years.

Should OSHA come by for an inspection or audit, they will ask for proof of training for all forklift operators. Your valid certificate and card linked to an OSHA compliant training program are that proof.
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