Forklift Training Presentation Kits

Purchase a presentation to teach a forklift certification class

The Best Forklift Training Presentation Kits

Purchase a presentation kit to teach a forklift certification class. These training presentations were built specifically for those who need to train many forklift operators at one time and get them certified and OSHA-compliant.

Presentation Kits

We understand that your time is valuable. We built these forklift training presentations to thoroughly, but efficiently, instruct lift operators on every safety standard that OSHA has today.

This presentation, along with its additional materials, contains all the necessary assets you will need to confidently and fully instruct operators on forklift safety. After using this presentation, you can rest assured that you have met every one of OSHA's forklift certification requirements. Your OSHA accepted forklift certification card and certificate templates are included.

Forklift Certification Card

A forklift certification card is included with each of our trainings regardless of whether you purchase a training presentation, online course, or trainer course. A card and certificate template is included with the presentation training kits.

For online courses, cards and certificates are created electronically and can be accessed only after the operator or trainer course exams are passed.

The card itself is meant to be carried by any person who operates a forklift and must be valid. Being valid means that the person has been certified or recertified within the last three years.

Should OSHA come by for an inspection or audit, they will ask for proof of training for all forklift operators. Your valid certificate and card linked to an OSHA compliant training program are that proof.
certificate card