4 Safety Tips in Operating Zoom Booms

Zoom boom is a type of forklift that has an extendable and retractable boom. It resembles more of a crane than a standard forklift. Zoom booms are useful when lifting loads or people in high places.

However, you or another worker can get hurt if you don’t use zoom booms safely. They are heavy machinery, and they must be used carefully. It is a national law to have safety practices when operating zoom booms. The following tips will show you how to handle zoom boom safely.

  • Pre- and Post-shift Inspection. Study the interior and exterior of your zoom boom so that you can identify a part that is damaged. A damage part of the zoom boom can cause several accidents such as a tip over. By studying the anatomy and inspecting a zoom boom, you can avoid bigger damages in the future.
  • Attachment Familiarization. Zoom booms have different attachments that you can add. Some of these attachments are jib booms, single hook jibs, grapples, dumpster buckets, and man baskets. Learn these different attachments and their intended purpose so you can use the zoom boom efficiently and safely.
  • Stability. Zoom booms can lose balance or stability due to incorrect angles, rough terrain, or load capacity. Be familiar with the load chart, boom angles, and other stabilizing practices so you can avoid tip overs in a zoom boom.
  • Hand Signals. A signaler must always be present when a zoom boom is operational. A signaler’s job is to show hand signals to the zoom boom operator so that the operator can prevent the machine endangering other workers.
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The zoom boom is very useful when it comes to load lifting. The machinery is also dangerous if not implementing safety practices. Part of ensuring safety in operating zoom booms is to receive training and certification. Hard Hat Training provides training to zoom booms, or telehandlers, and different safety practices. Always remember to be familiar with your zoom boom and its attachments, stability practices, and hand signals. By doing so, you can ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Good luck and stay safe!