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Online Certification

Receive - OSHA-Compliant forklift training online, wherever you are.

Yes, this online forklift training is legit! Our team is constantly working to ensure that our courses meet current forklift training standards. We cover all OSHA forklift inspection requirements, common hazards,  and train your operators on forklift theory and safety practices.

After purchasing, you will be immediately directed to start your OSHA forklift certification online course. Each course is broken down into modules and will automatically save your progress should you need to step away. As soon as you purchase, you are free to complete the course at your convenience. Our online classes take approximately 90-120 minutes to complete; however, they are self-paced. Upon completing the included OSHA-Compliant forklift certification test with a passing score along with the practical checklist, you will be given access to your forklift certificate and wallet card to save and/or print.

Forklift jobs with training are hard to get. Get a step ahead of the competition by completing your forklift theory test ahead of time. This way, you can bring the forklift practical test marking sheet with you to the interview and be ready to prove your skills, as well as your genuine interest in the job.
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Online Certifications Options
  • sit down forklift trainer
  • stand up forklift trainer
  • pallet jack trainer
  • telehandler forklift trainer
  • truck-mounted train the trainer
Train the Trainer Certification Options

Train the Trainer

Receive a certification kit and certify an employee to train others.

These online courses were built specifically for those who need to train a trainer to conduct forklift certification classes. Keep in mind, we also offer training presentations meant to train forklift operators according to OSHA's regulations. 

This course has been designed as preparation for using the training presentation materials in case the employee is not 100% comfortable with conducting trainings. Additionally, this online course will teach you everything you need to know in order to conduct a forklift safety training class or session confidently and thoroughly, knowing that you are meeting all of OSHA's forklift certification requirements for current forklift safety training standards. The forklift trainer certificate can be accessed after passing the included exams.

Note that this train the trainer certification kit comes with an online training course to be completed by the trainer first. The second step is to use the included training kit to conduct trainings and oversee the certification of other operators.

Training Presentation 

Purchase a presentation to teach a forklift certification class

These training presentations were built specifically for those who need to train many forklift operators at one time and get them certified and OSHA-compliant. We understand that your time is valuable. We built these forklift training presentations to thoroughly, but efficiently, instruct lift operators on every safety standard that OSHA has today.

This presentation, along with its additional materials, contains all the necessary assets you will need to confidently and fully instruct operators on forklift safety. After using this presentation, you can rest assured that you have met every one of OSHA's forklift certification requirements. Your OSHA-accepted forklift certification card and certificate templates are included.
  • sit-down forklift kit
  • stand-up forklift 350 kit
  • pallet-jack-350 kit
  • telehandler kit
  • Truck-Mounted Forklift kit
Presentation Kit Options

Onsite Training

Our trainers will come directly to you and train you on forklift operation 

Finding forklift training available in your area you is simply not necessary any more. Our OSHA-compliant trainer will come directly to your worksite and take care of all your forklift operator certification training. We come to you from Rexburg, Idaho, for in-person forklift training on your own equipment at your jobsite. Our coast-to-coast forklift training is generally only for U.S. forklift certification (although Canadian companies may apply).

Onsite hands-on forklift training generally consists of a classroom portion of the training, with instruction given by our trainer. The written exam is then distributed, taken, and graded. The rest of the class is spent on and around the machine, conducting the practical evaluation with each trainee.

Since the ultimate responsibility to approve training falls on you, as the employer, we like to make you a part of the process. If you want us to spend more time outside on the machine, we will do that. If you want us to go into more detail on theory, we will do that too. This is your company and your employees; we are simply here to help you get them trained in the most effective way possible.
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Best Forklift Certification Classes

Forklift Certification provides the best training around, and our customers know it! 

"Trust me this is the course you want to take. Its extremely informational, and easy breezy to get certification." - Josh P. (July, 2020)

"The user interface is easy to use and we love the ease of access. The training is also easy to administer and the performance checklists are provided. We can't recommend them enough!" - Mark P. (July, 2020)

"Gives you the stepping stones to become a safer operator." - Jamaine P. (January, 2020)

Forklift Certification Card

A forklift certification card is included with each of our trainings regardless of whether you purchase a training presentation, online course, or trainer course.  A card and certificate template is included with the presentation training kits

For online courses, cards and certificates are created electronically and can be accessed only after the operator or trainer course exams are passed.

The card itself is meant to be carried by any person who operates a forklift and must be valid. Being valid means that the person has been certified or recertified within the last three years

Should OSHA come by for an inspection or audit, they will ask for proof of training for all forklift operators. Your valid certificate and card linked to an OSHA compliant training program are that proof.
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